Athletic Field Covers: Helping Keeping Hot Yoga Cool

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Dec 22nd 2017

The last thing anyone wants to pick up at hot yoga is a fever. However, getting sick is a strong possibility, especially if the facility doesn't take care of their floors. Fitness magazines and major newspapers have been reporting about this situation for years. It's simple really. Germs attach themselves to people's bodies, including their feet, and are ultimately transferred everywhere. So routine cleaning, sanitation and athletic field cover use is a must for fitness facilities of all sizes.

Athletic field covers designed to protect indoor environments are crafted from a number of materials and come in a myriad of sizes. Our vinyl models start out at 42′ x 74′ and go up to 50′ x 94′ in size. Vinyl is excellent at keeping germs at bay because it's strong enough to withstand anti-fungal chemical use. As such, many are treated with anti-fungals that keep gym floors relatively germ-free in between uses. In addition, the covers themselves are clean.

Because the athletic field covers are designed to stay clean, hot yoga students could actually perform their maneuvers on top of them. Accordingly, some gyms use the covers to keep classes going without interruption. For example, let's suppose that an aerobics class is taking place from 9 am until 10 am and it's slated to be followed by a hot yoga glass. There's no time to clean the floors in between sessions so what's an instructor to do?

Lay down vinyl covers and mats of course! The athletic covers would protect the students' yoga mats and bodies from making contact with the germy floors. And that, understandably, would help prevent illnesses from spreading throughout the center's member population. In addition, most anti-fungal covers are also resistant to other undesirables, including grease and road salt. To learn more about these great covers, please contact us today.