7 Uses for Tarps on a Camping Trip

7 Uses for Tarps on a Camping Trip

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 8th 2015

Tarps are a wonderful thing. And they have been around for, well as long as people have had possessions to protect from the elements. Besides matches and a knife, a tarp might be one of the most useful things to bring along on a camping trip, whether its a fun family car camping trip, or a hardcore adventure deep in the wilderness. Here are 7 ways to use your tarps on a camping trip:


Kitchen Shelter

It is definitely a bad idea to cook inside your tent on a rainy day. But a simple tarp provides protection from the rain, or shade on a sunny day. And since it doesnt have sides, there is plenty of fresh air ventilation.

Ground Cover

It might be the most common use for those old blue tarps. You put one under your tent to protect the base from the ground. It lengthens the life of your tent, and if you leave a few feet of the tarp exposed at the entrance of your tent, you have a nice welcome mat to leave dirty shoes and smelly clothes.

Makeshift Shelter

Tarps are light and usually have grommets. With a little extra string or cord, you can throw it in a daypack and have an easy way to make a shelter should you be caught in the elements away from your tent.

Gear Cover

There are certainly items you dont want inside your tent. A tarp is a cheap, quick way to keep your gear dry and ready to use.

Campsite Wind Block

Hanging a tarp vertically is a great way to keep your tent warmer, or to keep sparks from flying from your campfire.

Pet Tent

Not everyone likes their pet to sleep with them. A tarp can provide comfy place for your four-legged family members to sleep and rest. Stake the sides down to ground level to provide complete protection.

Slip n Slide

Hopefully you arent ever stuck on a rainy camping trip. But if you are, there are ways to still have fun. Everyone strip down to their long-johns , put the tarp on a hill and you have some fun memories in the rain! Be sure to have warm clothes waiting in the tent.
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