Vinyl Tarps and International Surf Music Month Events: A Perfect Hang 10

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on May 14th 2015

Dude, International Surf Music Month is rolling up on us like a rogue wave and those that arent prepared for it may just see their business profit potential wash away. So, take steps now to plan your special events and avoid being one of those washed up businesses on the shore. There are gnarly promotional opportunities to be capitalized on and weve got the setup supplies you need to hang 10 all month-long.

Blue Vinyl Tarp Surfing

Do you plan on hosting an International Surf Music Festival? If so, buy a surfboard bag full of blue vinyl tarps. Then set up tarp surfing spots throughout the music festivals grounds. Charge attendees to participate and have a photographer on hand too. The photographer could take pictures of the tarp surfers and sell them in a variety of ways. For example, they could put pictures of festival attendees tarp surfing on posters, t-shirts, beach towels, faux surf mag covers and more.

WiFi Enabled Party Tent

In addition, you might want to set up a tech lounge underneath of a nearby party tent. Make sure that it has WiFi access, electricity and computer banks where attendees may hop online and share festival photos in real-time with their social media friends or family members. Just think of the public relations and overall marketing potential!

Surfboard Customization Garage

In addition, consider buying portable garages and curtains that would be perfect for a surfboard customization area. Vendors could use the items to protect themselves and passersby from paint overspray and fiberglass dust. Afterward, they could sell the customized items on the spot to International Surf Music Festival attendees in the market for boss boards and fins.
Those are just three ways our products can make International Surf Music Festival events a success. Our inventory may also be used to set up concert areas, food courts and more. To continue discovering why our canopies, vinyl tarps and other products are the best for surfing events, please contact us online or toll-free today.