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Portable Greenhouses

A portable greenhouse from Canopies and Tarps is a gardener's best friend. Every aspiring green thumb knows that not all nurseries are created equal. Each town has a few special places where the owners keep a large greenhouse, where the really good plants are kept. These special nurseries offer an environment that plants love, with ideal levels of light, warmth and humidity.

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    10' X 10' X 8' Portable Greenhouse

    10' X 10' X 8' Portable Greenhouse

    Help your garden grow with a portable greenhouse from Canopies and Tarps. A backyard greenhouse becomes an affordable reality with this greenhouse kit. Made with high-quality translucent tarps and a strong frame, this portable greenhouse gives you a...
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    10' X 20' X 8' Portable Greenhouse

    10' X 20' X 8' Portable Greenhouse

    Your plants and flowers will flourish inside the 1-3/8" Frame 10' x 20' Grow It Greenhouse. Generously sized, Canopies and Tarps’ greenhouse is made with a sturdy 1-3/8" diameter all-steel round frame design with base rail structure for a sturdy...
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With Canopies and Tarps, you don't have to rely on a third party anymore. You can build a portable greenhouse right on your own property. With a portable hothouse in such close proximity to your home, you can raise delicate plants out of season or protect them from harsh environments or other hazards. Check out our selection of other backyard greenhouse kits including round greenhouses and gable greenhouses

Portable Greenhouse Benefits

Portable greenhouses from Canopies and Tarps offer several advantages:

  • Perfectly sized. These mini greenhouses give you a manageable space for growing exactly what you want to grow.
  • Environmental control and protection. The panels diffuse the sun's warm light, blocking dangerous UV rays while letting all the warmth in.
  • Affordable. With these portable greenhouses, you won't have to invest in a brick-and-mortar project, with building materials that can get very expensive.
  • Easy to build. These portable greenhouse kits come with everything you need for a successful installation.
  • Premium materials. These kits contain all of our best materials, from high-strength fittings and frames to outstanding canvas panels.

Fulfilling All Your Portable Greenhouse Needs

Browse through the options here to find the best portable greenhouse for your needs, or contact our experts today. They will be happy to answer your questions.