Keep Your Dog Feeling Secure and Happy With a Dog Kennel

Keep Your Dog Feeling Secure and Happy With a Dog Kennel

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Nov 29th 2017

You may have noticed that your dog likes sleeping or napping in enclosed spaces such as under a table, a bed, or behind a couch. If this puzzles you, there's no need for concern because it's common dog behavior. Dogs, as well as wolves, coyote, and foxes are denning animals who shelter and bring up their young in small dens. Just as you might find security at the end of a trying day by sitting on a favorite couch, your dog most likely has its favorite spot in your home that makes it feel safe and secure.

A properly sized dog kennel with comfortable bedding inside, is the perfect den for your pet to retreat to when it needs some rest time for “recharging its batteries.” Unlike the underside of a table, a dog kennel is strictly your dog's personal space, and it should be treated as such. Beyond serving as a resting and sleeping space, a dog kennel has other beneficial uses:
Preventing an Excitable Dog From Jumping up on Guests
Some dogs can't contain their excitement when the doorbell rings and guests arrive. Not all your guests will appreciate being jumped on by your dog, especially if they're wearing expensive clothing or are very young or very old. If this describes your dog, place it in its kennel just before guests arrive and leave it there with the gate closed until it gets used to the company and calms down.
Providing Reassurance to an Anxious Dog When Company Arrives


The above routine works especially well for dogs with an anxious temperament. Never force company on an anxious or shy dog. Instead, allow it to retreat to its kennel where it feels secure. Explain to your guests that your dog needs some time to get used to their presence and that it shouldn't be distur