Jump to it and Keep the Outdoor Trampoline in Operation with Vinyl Tarps

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 8th 2015

Trampolines are among the most-loved, outdoor, recreational equipment out there. People of all ages traditionally use them throughout the spring and summer, then put them away in the fall. However, we have found that with the addition of vinyl tarps, some families have been able to keep their trampolines up until the snow flies. The secret behind their accomplishment is electing to buy the perfect one.

Which vinyl tarps are perfect for outdoor trampolines? In our opinion, its the round tarps. Round tarps are traditionally manufactured using either high-quality mesh with or without shade weave. Both types are UV and rip resistant with grommets appearing every two feet, around all of the edges. Naturally, they are vital features to have when it comes to protecting trampolines from the autumn sun and wind. So we wouldnt recommend choosing a cover without them.

That said, the shade weave tarps may be more appropriate for some trampolines than the other tarpaulins for one, simple reason. Theyre breathable. Remember, some trampolines are made from premium-grade bounce mats, plastic sheathing and fiberglass rods but not all. So the lower grade materials may dry rot or otherwise degrade if they arent placed in an area with some ventilation.
Thus, choosing shade mesh weave tarps accomplished two things. First, it shields all of the trampoline sensitive elements we mentioned above from the sun. Second, it allows lower quality materials an opportunity to breathe. Consequently, it is worth taking a hard look at a trampolines construction before selecting vinyl tarps. Of course construction is just one concern.

Before buying round tarps to cover outdoor trampolines, dont forget to take measurements. Pick a diameter tarp that is likely to provide the trampolines bounce mat with full coverage. And if necessary, choose one that will cover the trampolines side mesh walls too. To learn more about picking vinyl tarps for outdoor trampolines, please contact us today.