Guide To Measuring For A Canopy Replacement Tarp

After a few seasons it might be time to replace the tarp on your canopy. If the poles and fittings are still in good shape, you just need to replace the roof. This is easier than you might think, once you know how to measure your tarp in so you can order the correct replacement size.

Choosing the correct canopy replacement cover for your frame is dependent on the manufacturers' frame specifications. The canopy size is not the replacement size. Most canopy tent frames sold in major retail stores across the nation feature a high angled peak design. This is the signature model and is easy to identify by the A-shaped roof or high angled apex. There are three important measurements needed to ensure that the correct canopy replacement cover is being purchased.

The first measurement is the canopy width from inside leg to inside leg. The second measurement is the canopy length from inside leg to inside leg. The third measurement is the length of one side of the roof rafter. This measurement can be taken while the canopy is assembled by measuring from the bend in the corner fitting up to the middle of the high center fitting. Below are diagrams showing the proper steps to measuring for a canopy replacement top cover. We will be using the 10' x 20' canopy as an example, since the 10' x 20' canopy is the most widely sold frame type in all retail stores.

Using the 10' x 20' canopy, the measurement result for step 1 would either be 10' or 10'5" depending on the manufacturer. Step 2 would be a measurement of anywhere between 19'7" and 20'. The canopy length is universal among manufacturers and should be the same for all frame types. On the above example, Step 3 would have resulted in a measurement of 5' 4" or 5' 8" depending on manufacturer. Although all three steps are crucial in determining the correct canopy replacement cover, step 3 is the most significant measurement and the one measurement that separates one manufacturer from another. This is due to the pitch of the roof. If you have a high-peak canopy, it will require a larger tarp than a low-peak canopy.

At any given time of the year, major retail stores may offer consumers one or both of these frame types. Sometimes both styles are on the store shelf at the same time. There is no easy way to determine the correct canopy replacement size other than taking the time to get an accurate measurement. Picture one above is more of less the industry standard for 10' x 20' canopy dimensions. This is also the frame dimensions for brands such as King Canopy and P.T.M, Inc. Picture two above is a frame type that is solely found in the Shelter Logic brands. If you find that your measurement is closer to picture two, then the Shelter logic replacement cover is what your frame requires. Shelter Logic also requires a final measurement of the frame diameter to determine the correct replacement size.

The tarp size will differ from the frame size. A 10' x 20' frame will take a 12' x 20' tarp. The additional two-foot width supports the peak of the roof. The replacement cover will include grommets along the borders to accept the bungee cords. Tarp covers are made from heavy-duty vinyl that can withstand most environmental conditions. Canopy covers are waterproof, mildew-resistant, rot-proof and UV-resistant.

Find options for canopy replacement covers on the Vinyl Canopy Replacement Covers page. Once all measurements have been taken and the correct frame type has been identified, a final purchase can be made with confidence.