Blue Poly Tarps (5 Mil)Sold As Singles

Blue tarps from Canopies and Tarps give you all the protection you need in the color you want.

Buying tarps in a retail store is frustrating, because you get a limited selection of sizes and barely any choice of cover. And forget about quality. With Canopies and Tarps, you get the size and quality you demand in the color you choose.

A lot of people choose blue tarps to protect water features such as ponds, fountains or pools. Blue is easily spotted without distraction, so it's a good middle ground for people who need visibility yet don't want to stand out.

We have more than 25 years of experience making high-quality tarps using premium materials. We offer an incredible variety of sizes, so the chances of you finding something with your needs in mind are very high. These blue tarps will handle use after use, season after season. So pick your perfect size, and enjoy the performance you get for the price.